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There is only one rock 'n' roll godfather of metal... And only one cartoon of Ozzy Osbourne...
That cartoon character is the one and only IZZY OZBORNE !!!

If you're looking for entertainment for your next special event that's totally crazy, unique, fun, and full of energy, then it's time to experience "The Izzy Ozborne Band". Accept no substitutes for the one and only Izzy Ozborne and his salute to Ozzy that clearly stands above the rest. A show, not to be forgotten..

The Izzy Ozborne Band can perform the full show and music of Ozzy Ozbourne laced with the most entertaining show and top notched professional musicians performing note for note the music of Ozzy Osbourne. Few other renditions of Ozzy's music rivals this level of performance. The Izzy Ozborne Bands production, captures it all flawlessly.


The Izzy Ozborne Band is the choice for casinos, fairs and special events!
Here's why...

Authenticity - Izzy Ozborne's musicianship, sound replication, costumes and
stage presence is the closest to seeing and hearing of the real Ozzy Osbourne
you can find. Izzy's tone captures all the classic
Ozzy songs, like the classic hit "Crazy Train" featured on a major TV truck
commercial to the comedy of the popular MTV sitcom "The Osbournes" .

Wide Demographics - Izzy Ozborne's rendition of Ozzy appeals to all ages,
including a huge following with people under the age of 21. This comes directly from
The MTV sitcom "The Osbournes" and the Huge success of the "Ozzfest" a
popular outdoor summer concert festival that travels yearly selling out
worldwide. The Ozzfest started back in 1997 and always features Ozzy
and all the current popular rock/metal bands.

The music -Izzy Ozborne performs and sings the full range of Ozzy's music.
Songs like “"Crazy Train"” and “"Mama I'm Coming Home"” to the 1970 Black Sabbath
classic hit "Paranoid", which are still at the top of the charts today and
are some of the greatest selling songs of all time.

Family Entertainment Value - The music and live performance of "Izzy
Ozborne" has become a mainstream entertaining musical act made for the masses. The Izzy
Ozborne Band delivers energetic, hit-packed shows that satisfy everyone's’s
choice for their favorite Ozzy songs laced with the fun and hilariously funny act of Izzy Ozborne and his salute to
the "Madman of Metal" Ozzy Osbourne!